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stage 1

MindsetSensory Group 

PHASE 1- Stay and Play sensory group is learning through social fun. 

Guided fun with a experienced coach leading the session. 

learning the basics from throwing and catching techniques, hurdle stepping(jumping), kicking (shooting), number, colour and shape play, texture play and loads more fun for all

Age : 1-3 years old

Time: 9:30am

Days: Monday

Venue: Link centre Devons road, fern street, E3 3PR

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stage 2

MindsetKids Club

Introduction; fun learning activities focused around football play, co-ordination and movement. Themed designed sessions to engage the young kids. Allowing them to express and create football related experiences such as kicking, closing down, chasing and turning with and without a ball focusing on ‘energy’ and play structures.

Age:3-5 years old 


Days: Saturday

Venue: Linc Centre, Devons road, fern street, E3 3PR 

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stage 3

MindsetTeam Sessions

Mindset Team Sessions is the final step the players make before going into Sunday league grass roots football. the sessions become more structured and a little more disciplined whilst still learning the basics and enjoying themselves, more team related, passing on the move and becoming confident on the ball, this team will dip in and out of sessions with the year up as a little taste of things to come

Age: 5-6 years old

Time: 11am-12:15

Days: Saturday (will have some Fridays for games)

Venue: Linc centre, Devons road, Fern st, E3 3PR

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