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Prepare for plenty of laughter, Adrenaline and crazy games as we create a new world that’s magical and care free where young kids don't even know there learning because they’re too busy having fun.

Mindset kids club is the place to start your footballing journey as the first stage of player development where children learn through playing football.  So that can only mean one thing, Fun, Fun, Fun. We focus on a range of importance from balance, hand-eye coordination to enjoying socializing with new friend’s pressure free. Coaches are fully qualified and have a wealth of experience in children’s development. So hold on to your seats… get the super hero costumes ready…  because Captain LV and his super cool team is ready to assemble his new team of mini football super heroes.


Kids Club

Venue: Line centre, 70 fern street , Bow E3 3PR (Indoors)
Age:  Group: 3-5 Year olds
Number of players: 10 players
Price: £55 for 6 weeks
Advance Kids Club
Venue: Langdon Park playing field by Langdon DLR Station
Age: 5-6 year olds
Number of players : 15
Price: £55
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