Community Participation:

Since starting up in 2014, Mindset have been working within the local community of Tower Hamlets. Engaging with the both the young and elderly residents by providing football, fitness and health, Mentoring and accredited certificates and awards for young people and volunteers. Allowing Mindset to bridge the gaps between the young and elderly residents within the borough.

The focus has always been to work with young people in the community helping them to access a variety of support for personal and social development including training and residential.

This is all possible through networking and linking up in partnership for specific targeted project work with community based youth clubs such as The Linc centre, Spotlight and Ocean Youth Connexions. Working to provide a safe environment for fun, educational, economic wellbeing, social interaction with other young people of various background, religion, cultures and genders.

Mindset have promoted through its work and community projects such topics Anti-racism, Anti-sexism, Finance and money matters along with continued work around Anti-gang and knife and crime culture.

Mindsets outreach program is linked into the Princess Trust who support our work along with Tower Hamlets Sports Development Team, to provide opportunities for the young people to participate and excel in their own personal and social development.