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Bring your team in for a intense Spin class


Did you know once you become a member you get FREE spin and Rox classes

Justin C

''When I need to hit a target Coachman is my go to''

Cherelle A

"going to a spin class is like being slapped in the face, but each time you go the slap gets lighter and lighter the summer comes and it was all worth it haha"


Battle of Mind and Body


"if I need my team in shape and sharp. Neros never fails"

ladies classes

  • Explosive classes

  •  All levels welcome 

  • No two classes are the same

  • Relaxed Environment 

  • Great Music

  • Weight loss or Gains advice

  • Qualified Personal trainer

Pre season football sessions

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This is a tailored session to meet your needs or your teams needs, we have over 15 years experience in pre season or fitness based session.

With a Uefa qualified coach  with pro academy experience. 

we have 2 options with a intense weight based circuit with a grilling ball work to finish off. 

option 2 is ball based training session with high energy and and reputations to get teams ready and focused but this session will test a players concentration level throughout

Spin classes

A class not to be missed, high energy- perfect way to let out your frustration after a long day of work.

With a high intensity style through out. Perfect to build cardio and endurance, with a average of 400 calorie loss per class.

when your about to give up the base for the next track will wake up the energy soul of the body and make you want to dance to the beat on the bike of course.





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These sessions come once every 2 months 

at a 5* FITNESS FIRST GYM IN London Bridge  combination of 2 classes 

Body pump, Yoga, Rox, Spin, circuits .

back to back sessions followed with a spa and swim

This is where you put your MINDSET to the test and see how much you can push yourself.