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Mindset was set up to focus on young people gaining the best opportunity in football at grass roots level and getting them ready for the next level…pro football at Academy level.


At Mindset the picture is to work with young players on their own key areas of development and prepare them for the next level which would be at a pro club’s youth development centre or academy.

Mindset Football Development work in association with the adult football team FC Hamlets and partnership work with local team Vallance FC (Player exchange). The capacity, in which they have worked together, is that over the last 5 years Mindset has helped to train FC Hamlets U16’S & U18’s for both the Tower Hamlets Mayors Cup and The Gothia cup in Sweden. A collaboration of The Linc Senior Youth project since March 2014, which saw the Doorstep fund support the venue cost’s for 2 hours of weekly football at Mile End. The young people that took part were part of the Linc Senior youth project and most played for FC Hamlets U16’s. Through this the two coaches delivering the sessions were both Neros Augustus & Senie Emmanuel. The young people were also put through their ASDAN Football Awards, 3 hour Emergency 1st Aid, Food Hygiene Certificate and the Summer 2015 saw 12 young people gain there FA Level 1 Coaching Award (total of over 40 Nationally recognised certificates from the group of 16).

Mindset Coaches were paid to deliver a 10-week football program through Ocean Youth Connexions from 16th October- 18th December 2016. This was part of the Tower hamlets YOF Fund for assessing their personal development needs and keeping them away from Drug/ Alcohol abuse and criminal activities. Mindset continues this partnership work in Tower Hamlets.

This program kept a number of young people engaged in a healthy activity like football, talented football players who have not been placed in an Academy or Pro-development centres. This also gives them an introduction from Youth football to Senior. It is a link which sees Neros Augustus come and use his UEFA ‘B’ Coaching licence with the adult team at various points of the footballing season. At the same time as FC Hamlets players deliver coaching sessions to the young people at Mindset Football Development. Mindset act like a young feeder/ development link to FC Hamlets Mens Senior team.

Players can get an assessment on the development areas of their game through training and matches. The players, who are ready, also go for trials and play in tournaments such as the Tower Hamlets Mayors cup and The Gothia Youth World cup in Sweden and showcase games.

Mindset u11s broke the record for most goals scored in group stages, and was the first team from London to win The Gothia Youth Football World Cup. And only the 10th team from England to win the competition in all age groups, since it began in 1975. Mindset was the only team in the u11s to not lose a single game, making them the overall winners of the 2019 tournament.

Mindset coaches are also involved in 1-2-1 personal coaching sessions with players too as well as developing coaches by working to send them over to the USA for coaching experience.



Friday 6-7.30pm at St Pauls Way Trust School, 125 St Pauls Way, London E3 4FT

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