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Founder of Mindset Development 

Neros Coachman

Mindset Development is all about changing a way a person thinks, thats the main reason I started this project. I didn't want to create a football team thats just something that happened and I decided to run with it and fast forward 4 years we got a number of teams and kids club programs for toddlers (1-3 years olds) then we have the 5 to 6 year olds before they make that step up to the teams. Now the lesson is constant, but the key part is the preparing a player for that next step so it comes to no surprise that it gets a little more harder each time they step up. and that's the lesson we want to teach every child. 

Each coach is carefully selected to meet the Childs needs, and are approachable, but every coaches the same mindset and know how fair they can be. we build and create at personalities from as young as 1 years old and that child will come across a number of mindset coaches up until they are 7 years old before that one coach takes them on the footballing journey.

My main purpose was to just go into schools and youth clubs and start a few youth programs that teaches young people and prepares them for the real world, teach them things that we never got taught in school, from credit building, taxes, the difference between a job and starting a career. just things like that and also to look out for the next generation, how can we guide them? how can we teach them? how can we show them where we went wrong? 

which bring me to the last bit that I believe quite strongly about RESPECT and MANNERS. Before every training starts and the last thing I do before leaving the training ground is the welcomes and the good nights, every player must come in and say good morning or good evening with a hand shake before they go and play, the players that don't and just want to walk in will be refused to go in until they know what they did wrong. its the little things that count. 

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